If you need delicate plastering work to preserve the character of your historic building then Mannion Build may be the contractor for you.

For thousands of yeaLime Rendering Specialists COnservationrs, the construction of buildings has been based on the materials that they could source locally and were in good supply.  There are a number of historical buildings in Ireland which have a render coating. Very often, this is comprised of a sand and lime mixture and very often it will have contained some additional animal hairs from horses, cows, goats or even pigs. The additional hair renders were used to strengthen the plaster being used. Today we use glass fibres in the same manner to re-inforce fibre glass in our 21st century building materials.

In older buildings today, we often find that renders may have been used to cover up poor or damaged brick work. This might have been done due to the ingress of water or damage by hard frosts over time. A complete rendering of the building may have been the best option at the time.

Since building materials have been recorded, lime plaster has been used. Lime plaster is used to over rougher stone work on the insides of buildings. Wooden laths would also be covered by lime plaster. This would signify the earliest stages of stud walling.

When we are working on the repair or restoration of lime plaster, applied in the traditional manner, we have to be very careful to examine the exact composition of the original lime mortar. Understanding this assists in the determination of texture and colour.

Just as a side note, we do know from experience that when applying hair based plaster, a guide as to the volume required would be that there are up to 25 hair strands protruding past the trowel whimg_3905en its dragged against the mortar.

We also know that lime renders need to be given plenty of time to dry before any decorative work can be done.

Mannion Build have the experience and know how required to complete all types of conservation and renovation work on any aged or period property. Contact us to discuss your requirements today