Not often associated with Ireland, Stormwater Attenuation is becoming more important, as an increasing amound of ground is built on in urban areas and in many cases, sufficient consideration was not given to handling flood waters. Attenuation are the manmade structures built to handle stormwater, releasing it at controllable rates. Historically, all we managed was the direction but this is not enough. As a builder we also have to consider this, even when building a single home.
When constructing in Ireland, our primary concern is rainwater, floodwater. We do not have sufficient snowfall or hurricanes to deal with. In some instances, we also have to include attenuation within the drainage systems, especialy in urban areas. This is where permeable paving can often be the answer.

We saw over the past few years, the damage that flooding did, especially in County Galway, where storm waters ran from exposed mountains and cleared drains at a rate much faster than historically would be the case.
The permeable paving solutions can act as a sponge and control release mechanism which can retain sufficient water to reduce the risk of flash flooding, soil erosion and damage.

The permeable paving relates to the production of constructed surfaces that are traditionally water impermeable. Traditionally, Car Parks, Pavements, Tar Mac Driveways all prevented soakage at the point of falling. This can create flooding, which we now need to avoid.

One of the best ways to prevent soil erosion from water run off would be to us more permeable products. Permeable concrete is being developed, permeable paving which is based on artificial products is on the market and the ability of tarmac to be permeable is improving. Architects are beginning to specify these products and councils are beginning to demand them.
As a professional construction company, we continuously keep abreast of technology and products that can help create a better living environment.