Our commitment to Health & Safety in the work place

Both Management and Staff at Mannion are fully committed to protecting the health and safety of all staff, our clients, sub-contractors and the general public for the duration of the construction project.

Prior to commencement of work on-site our Health & Safety Manager visit’s each site to carry out a risk assessment. Following this he/she will compile the following documentation:

  • Health & Safety Plan
  • Risk Assessment Forms
  • Methods Statements for all works
  • MSDS Sheets

The site is prepared by our team in advance of works commencing to ensure the safety of all personnel. The required PPE (personal protective equipment) is provided to all personnel to ensure their safety while on site.

Our Health & Safety Manager will carry out regular inspections to ensure any new risks are identified and staff is notified immediately through meetings held on-site.

A copy of all documentation is held in the office on site for reference. Copies of staff training records are available upon request