Project Description

 Enerphit Certified 1960’s Property

This building was named Ireland’s second certified Enerphit property. The decision to achieve Enerphit certification was only decided after we successfully won the tender contract. The most challenging aspect for us in this project was to achieve the required air tightness result. Bright Designs, the architects had included a number of low energy principles which certainly played a key role in this build. The client had to concede on their wish to retain the majority of the existing building in order to make the certification achievable. Down through the years the property had undergone a number of renovations and the quality and variance of building materials used were too great to remain.

Project Details

Architects: Mr. Alan Burns, Bright Designs Architects
Engineers: Mr Ciaran Kennedy, Barrett Mahoney Consulting Engineers.
Project Managers: Mr Justin McCarty, McCarty & Associates.
Mechanical Engineers:
Mr Morris Ramsey, Ramsey Cox Mechanical Engineers.
PHPP Design:
Mr Archie O Donnell, Intergrated Energy.

Construction Details

Build Type: Block Build with external insulation.
Windows: Triple Glazed Alu clad windows and doors
Heat Recovery System : Dantherm

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The energy consultant Archie O Donnell (Integrated Energy) made the decision to concentrate all efforts on the building’s fabric in order to achieve certification. The building materials used for the floors, walls and roof were carefully chosen. We wrapped the building’s envelope in thick layers of external insulation. The client chose triple glazed window to replace the existing double glazed.

Particular attention was placed on detailing the myriad junctions to achieve optimum thermal performance and ensure the aesthetics. There were numerous complex junctions whereby the old and new building met.

All visitors to the site were notified immediately that the house was an airtight building which contained underfloor heating and no drilling was allowed under any circumstance. Two air tightness tests were carried out on the building.

Mark Sherley of 2Ewa carried out the first test following the first fix and a result of 0.7 ACH was recorded. This result was inside the required reading for Enerphit certification. A final test was carried out following the second fixing a 10% improvement was recorded.

Lighting Designer, Rocky Wall from Wink Lighting designed a lighting system which focused on energy efficiency without compromising the aesthetics. He chose LED’s, fluorescent lamps and innovative dimmable LED wall lights to achieve an energy efficient lighting system.

NG Mechanical installed the heating, plumbing, Dantherm MVHR, central vacuum systems, solar thermal and the rain water harvesting system for the house. All contractors worked closely together on the installation to ensure there was no compromise to the air tightness. The house was fitted with two MVHR and both sections work independently of each other.

The client requested that steps be implemented to reduce down the acoustics transferring from one room to another. Drop down acoustic seals were placed in all bedrooms.


The heating and hot water bills for this building prior to renovation came to between €4000 – €5000 per annum. The building was unable to maintain 18C during heating season. Now the building will cost its owners €850 per annum for both heating and hot water which is a dramatic saving.

The final air tightness test result reading was 0.6 air changes per hour at 50 PASCAL’s.

The project incorporated a team effort from a range of industry specialists to achieve the desired outcome for the client.